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Outdoor Leadership Experiences

Innovative OUTDOOR TRAINING and workshops to help develop leaders and CREATE more united teams.

We combine unique outdoor adventures with research-based trainings to create amazing learning experiences to build confidence, develop leaders, and unite teams.

Over the past decade, Dr. Eric Kirby (Ph.D. in Global Leadership) and Janae have used nature and the outdoors to help hundreds of students, groups, organizations, and working professionals learn important leadership skills through unique outdoor programming, activities, workshops, and fun.

These Outdoor Leadership Experiences focus on research-based theories and curriculum, real world examples, relevant discussions, proven practices, and key case studies while experiencing amazing outdoor adventures. If you are looking for an innovative way to get out of the office or classroom and have fun in the outdoors while learning leadership and outdoor skills, our Outdoor Leadership Experiences might be perfect for you.


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Personalized Outdoor Leadership Experiences

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Adventures for individuals (or small groups) to fine-tune their leadership skills, build confidence, gain new insight, learn outdoor skills, receive personalized coaching, and recharge.

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Team Outdoor Leadership Experiences

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Build team unity, create strong cultures, realign priorities, strengthen trust, and establish key leadership skills through customizable outdoor activities and workshops.

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Leadership on the Rope: Rappelling and Climbing

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Learn amazing leadership skills like trust and communication through rappelling and climbing experiences. Find the experience that is just right for you or your team.

Discover the Mental, Emotional, and Physical Benefits of Being Outdoors